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Key left front pocket kit


How many times we get off the GL1800 for a bar stop just around the corner?

What do we do for the objects on the left glove compartment?

There really are few possibilities
We either take everything with us, or we leave everything in the glove compartment

In the first case, when back, we must put everything back again into the glove compartment and

eventually reconnect it, in the second case, we always hope no one has opened it and stolen the whole content.

Now there is the possibility to lock the glove compartment with a key.

The showed kit is composed of a water - resistant key naval type,
and also features a further protective system.

The key also has the possibility to be removed from the lock either in "open" or "closed" position.

The kit also features everything you might need to install the key onto the door/flap of the glove
compartment thanks to all contents in the kit, the lock setting will be as easy as a cinch.

To realize how easy it could be installing the lock onto the glove compartment using the kit, please just

have a look at the video here

The kit price is 75 € plus shipping costs

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