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Rear Bag Protection


When you are traveling with a Honda Goldwing, the road runs fast.

Traveling becomes a pleasure and this allows us to forward us farther and farther away, no problem.

The only problem is the amount of baggage that we carry with us.

Some possibilities are preposterous,,,,,, no other

For this reason, many of us use a rear luggage rack.

The "flower box"

The rear luggage rack is a great solution.

The only drawback stems from the fact that the bag in this position, it remains at the mercy of all raised by the rear wheel.

Often, in fact, coming in a tent, hotel or at home, you do not know where to put the bag as this is completely dirty at the bottom.

This problem was finally solved by our protection.

The characteristics that make it a indispensable object is the ease of assembly, the material which is durable and easy to wash in the washing machine and the ability to be closed directly on the luggage rack.

At this point, if you have a rear luggage racks, can not fail you this item.

The kit that we propose is composed of two parts, the rubber sheet and a transparent adhesive protection.

The adhesive serves to protect the terminal part of the rear mudguard that for the contact with the luggage, you might satining.

The cost of the kit is 43,00 € + shipping. (The kit except stocks, is created in the following order)

To realize the ease of installation and how to leave the protection with the rack mounted closed, go see this comprehensive video.

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