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Sticker AID assistance system first aid staff


Everybody knows what is playing a video game.

When we play, we can gain lives by finding some objects during the game.

When we play, if we make some rounds in a given time we can earn some track laps.

When we play, we can say "who cares" because we can always restart when we see the "Game Over" writing.

To prevent this, every day, many people, train, study and organize themselves and their team to prevent the worst.

These people, try to do everything to help the others.

Sometimes ‘the other’, could be you, me, or someone whom no one wishes a GAME OVER.


We wondered, what could we do to help rescuers, who put so much effort and spend their lives to save us?
For this reason, we have created STICKER AID.

Our system is the only one that uses a dual technology, NFC, NTAG by a high compatibility and data capacity, and a reading system with QR-Code, so it can be read by systems Android, Windows and iOS

 So, your basic information, such as name, last name, blood type, diseases and allergies ..etc.. can be read by using a simple smart-phone with the two technologies described above.

In this way, we can avoid many complications during the first phase of relief, also find some useful numbers to call, and much more.

Whit a simple label puts on the helmet (behind the shoulders) all these information will be easily available.

The system is completely stand-alone, so it can be used even without a data connection.

The label with QR-code and NFC tags, will be programmed by our team, with all the data that you provided us, than we will take care of  send the label to your house , where with a simple operation, you can affix everything on the helmet.

To allow us to perform the programming process, you will have to fill out a simple questionnaire that it can be found HERE.

Once reached us, we will provide to the realization of your unique and personal STICKER AID.
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