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StopInsect windscreen

Windscreen without StopInsect

Summer is the best time to ride and frolic in the world on a beautiful Goldwing.

But small and/or big insects might think the same thing while flying happily in town and even more in the country roads.

When the heat rises, how beautiful it is to open the air deflector, on the windshield ......

Air that comes directly to your face ......

BUT .........

From that hole also insects pass!!

That was very tedious and that time has been the first and the last time I had to go through this, also because I did risk to lose the control of my motorbike.

When I put my Goldwing back to the garage I also thought to solve the problem with a very simple kit.

The kit consists of 2 strips of velcro to stick on the deflector and 3 small fine nets properly cut in specific given size.

From the day I put the first fine net, I enjoy the air that comes through the windscreen  without having the problem on an insect in the face at 100km per hour.                               

When there are many insects in the net, I empty it just simply blowing through it out,  with the vehicle stopped.

If  the net might break or been dirty, I can always replace it with  a new one included in the kit, in a very easy way.

The kit price is 5 € plus shipping costs. The kit includes 3 retinas and the material to fix.

Windscreen with StopInsect
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