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Xforce TomTom Rider 1


Many riders use the navigator when traveling.

Many times just to get out of major population centers or for the entire trip to be informed about the presence of speed cameras, danger spots or whatever.

Many brands and models on the market.

The most renowned are still two Garmin and TomTom.

If you own a Tom-Tom and particularly of a TomTom Rider 1, you can not help but of 'Xforce.

The pride of MotoArchimede, complete with a patent, allows all owners of this navigator, no longer plagued by the problem of non-charging of the same, once positioned nell'holder on the bike.

Definitely can not miss anyone who owns a TomTom Rider 1, so you can reuse as many other riders with no issues whatsoever your loved-hated browser.

Kit easy to install, made of laser cut steel and very small in size.

Unlike many other systems, the combined tomtom Xforce, will not take the size of a microwave oven.

You will not even realize you have it mounted thanks to its integration in the original kit.

The price of the kit for Europe is 35 euro plus costs of delivery.

Visit the minisite here.

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